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At JustIngredients we have a luxury selection of salts that will expertly season your food whilst also creating appetising aromas. As well as the more common sea salt, we sell more unusual flavourings including basil salt and onion salt.

Cooking salt is essential. Not only can you add it to recipes whilst they’re bubbling away in the kitchen, you can sprinkle it on your meal for an additional hit of flavour. Without salt, food can taste especially bland so it is crucial to always add a little. Ever tried cooking pasta without adding salt to the water? You won’t want to either. Salt is extremely important to the pasta cooking process as it ensures even cooking throughout the depth of the pasta. If salt isn’t added, the pasta will acquire a slimy texture.

However, in place of plain sea salt, you can also add flavoured salts to spruce up your meals. Our lemon salt is the perfect way to add zesty accents to your food, and can even make for a delicious meat marinade. Like the sound of this? Be sure to check out our other cooking salts.

Buy salt online with us and bring out hidden flavours in your dishes.