10 Up-And-Coming Ingredients 🌿

We predict that the following 10 ingredients will soon rise to fame...

1. Alfalfa Herb

It’s been said that this natural herb contains high levels of antioxidants which is great for hair and skin cells! The best part? Alfalfa Herb is very mild in flavour and because of this, it can be used in many different ways!

Suggested Use: Infuse in hot water and enjoy as a warming cup of tea to boost your daily vitamins and minerals!

2. Bulgur Wheat

These little golden grains of goodness need to make their way into your kitchen STAT! Bulgur Wheat is a whole grain made from cracked wheat that is known to be packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. It’s SO versatile it can be incorporated into almost any cooking and baking recipe (and it’s great for when you’ve run out of rice!) We can’t get enough of its nutty flavour, chewy texture and popcorn scent…

Suggested Use: Replace rice with Bulgur Wheat, use to bake whole grain bread and bulk up veggie burgers with this healthy grain. Simply boil in water for 10 to 15 minutes to cook.

3. Cannellini Beans

How do you pronounce cannellini? Can-a-leen-ee! These kidney shaped beans are a quick and easy way to get more wholesome ingredients into your diet. When cooked they have a fluffy texture and a slightly nutty, mild flavour. These beans are the perfect blank canvas for absorbing any aromatic flavours and creating hearty comfort classics at home!

Suggested Use: Blend these beans to make a hummus-like dip, mix into your favourite soup or pop into a slow cooker and allow them to absorb the flavour of your preferred stew recipe.

4. Galangal

You’re familiar with tasty turmeric and you know ginger inside out but what about their close relative, Galangal?! Its flavour is sharper, spicier, and slightly more peppery than ginger and is often used in Indonesian and Thai cuisine. Galangal’s fragrant scent is a mixture of pine and ginger that makes a beautiful addition to incense and potpourri!

Suggested Use: Blend our gorgeous Galangal with garlic, chilli, lemongrass, and lime leaves to make spicy pastes (the key ingredient in the famous Thai dish Tom Yum Soup) or simply sprinkle into soup, stews, sauces, marinades, and curries.

5. Chlorella Powder

Chlorella is a nutritious algae that’s gaining popularity fast! Similar to Spirulina in flavour, (but much less bitter) this powder is a healthy source of natural protein.

Suggested Use: Infuse in boiling water, leave to cool, and add to green juices and smoothies or nourish skin by making your own Chlorella face pack!

6. Sichuan Peppercorns

Sichuan Peppercorns have a unique aroma and slightly lemony, peppery flavour and bite. They’re neither hot like chili, nor pungent like black pepper, they have a flavour of their own! You’ll often find this renowned ingredient in your favourite Chinese dishes…

Suggested Use: Use Sichuan Peppercorns when creating authentic Chinese cuisine at home or simply add to stir-fries, sauces, marinades, and salad dressings as an alternative to black or white pepper. Pop into a pepper mill and use as a seasoning or sprinkle over meat rubs and dry marinades. Remember, use this ingredient sparingly, too much of this spice can have a numbing effect on the tongue.

7. Sumac (With Salt)

Let us introduce you to an ingredient that has officially changed the cooking game… Sumac with Salt mixed in! These crushed berries have a pleasant tangy taste with a hint of citrus fruitiness, virtually no aroma and a gorgeous colour.

Suggested Use: An essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, Sumac is used in famous spice rubs such as Zaatar spice blends, marinades, dressings, and condiments but you can get creative by sprinkling it into homemade stews and soups. Use in place of lemon as a souring agent when a citrusy sharp tang is required without the liquid or mix into plain yoghurt with mint for a delicious dipping sauce.

8. Guarana Seeds

Fruity and rich in flavour, Guarana Seeds are an excellent source of natural caffeine!

Suggested Use: Replace everyday coffee beans with these caffeine packed seeds, crush and infuse in hot water and drink as a healthy herbal tea or get creative and make your own guarana syrup (popular in Brazil!)

9. Damar Gum

Our high-quality Damar Resin isn’t heat treated which means it’s in its natural state! This golden gum has a light, airy sweet scent and is often used as a key ingredient in eco-friendly beeswax food wraps.

Suggested Use: Use the resin on its own as incense or get creative and blend with other herbs and resins! Did you know, Damar Gum is used in the food industry as a glazing agent and can even be used by painters to make a varnish for protecting paintings? Top Tip: Pair Damar Gum with beeswax to raise its melting temperature!

10. Amaranth Seeds

We’re all familiar with couscous but have you heard of Amaranth? Real foodies know that these tiny seeds have a sweet, nutty flavour and a natural yellowish colour!

Suggested Use: Add to smoothies to boost the fibre and protein content, use in place of pasta, rice or couscous, and mix into soups or stews to add thickness. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, make popped amaranth and forget the popcorn! (It’s much healthier…)

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