Our Packaging ♻️

Good news... Our resealable pouches are now recyclable!

Here at JustIngredients, we want our environmental footprint to be as small as possible and we know that this is important to our customers too – we’ve seen a significant increase in emails relating to our packaging so we are incredibly excited to announce that our plastic pouches can now be recycled.

Our old pouches were code 7 but now they are code 4!

This means our plastic pouches are more easily recyclable by some curb side collections and also at supermarkets/recycling centres.

Where does this leave us?

We’d obviously love to sell our products in plastic free packaging however, the reality at the moment is that there are very few options out there for environmentally conscious food companies in terms of ‘better’ packaging.

Freshness & Quality – We want to offer the freshest herbs possible with the longest shelf life. Our resealable plastic pouches are perfect in this regard. If we were to move to paper packaging, product shelf life would be affected dramatically.

Size & weight – Glass is heavy and requires more packaging to ensure that goods arrive with you safely. Bulky packaging also requires more packaging per order and takes up more space in our couriers’ vans, meaning more vans on the road.

Price – It’s a difficult one. We know that price is also important to our customers. Whilst many will be more than happy to pay a premium for sustainable packaging, it’s still definitely a barrier for many of our customers. As technologies improve, we’ll do our best to improve our packaging along with it, without affecting the price our customers pay.

Search your postcode at the following link to see whether your local centre can accept plastic pouches: www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling

Find out more here - https://methodrecycling.com/au/journal/plastic-codes

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