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Ultimate Beef Chilli

Hot hot hot! Chilli is the comfort food of February. When it's raining, sleeting, snowing and generally sparse in sunshine, this ultimate beef chilli hits the spot. It's quick and easy to prepare - just grab a book, a glass

Very Green Quinoa Salad

For a healthy, quick meal; look no further. This very green quinoa salad is super satisfying and takes no time at all*! *It takes a little time, just around 10 min or so... 3 simple steps!

Soy and Honey Chicken with Coconut Brown Rice

Ease yourself into healthy eating this January with this delicious dish. Brown rice makes the dish nice and filling, whilst the Bok Choi keeps the dish light. Don't forget to spice up your rice with our Black Sesame Seeds and

Paneer Tikka Peppers

This dish actually arose by accident. I was intending to make paneer tikka kebabs: deliciously firm, bouncy cubes of Indian cheese marinated in a fragrant yoghurt tikka paste, threaded onto skewers with chunks of pepper and placed under a hot

Marinated halloumi and vegetable skewers

I have a bit of an obsession with halloumi at the moment. I love its irresistible saltiness, the way it squeaks between your teeth, and the way it grills to gorgeous crispiness on the outside and melting gooey-ness on the

Spiced poached pears with Christmas pudding ice cream

Last week I took the daring step of taking all the half-opened bottles of red wine out of my wine rack. There were seven. It's probably a good thing wine doesn't have a sell-by date on it, which would give

Christmas Granola Recipe

Granola but make it festive!

Smoked chicken tikka salad with mango, quinoa and black lentils

This recipe is inspired by Diana Henry’s cookbook, A Change of Appetite. I’ve tweaked it a bit to my own taste, adding crunchy green beans and a little more heat and spice to the dressing. There’s a solid, earthy base

Spiced sticky date, pecan and coffee cake

This is, essentially, sticky toffee pudding in cake form. All of that gorgeous treacly, butterscotch flavour, with crunchy sugary dates and a gentle undercurrent of warm spice, but much less effort and rather less butter. It’s adapted from Paul Hollywood’s