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Fairtrade Organic Cinnamon Sticks/Quills (3 INCH)

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Product: Fairtrade Organic Cinnamon Sticks C5 Specials

Latin Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Plant Family: Lauraceae

Other Names: Sri Lanka Cinnamon, True Cinnamon, Sweet Wood, Cinamonas, Dalchini, Canela, Cannelle Ceylan, Zimt, Kanel, Cannella, Qurfa, Kanellë, Ceylonski Cimet, Seiron-Nikkei, Koritsa, Korytsya & Cây quế.

Description: True cinnamon comes from the bark of an evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka and India which grows to a height of 8-20 metres. Our cinnamon quills are 6 inches in length. The leaves are petiolate, entire, mid green in colour with the underside being a paler green than the upper side, leathery ovate and up to 18cm in length. Young leaves are paler green with a reddish tinge, the leaves have 3-5 longitudinal veins. The 6-petaled flowers are approximately 3mm in diameter, pale yellowy-white in colour and form panicles of blooms which are 5-7cm in length. Flowers give way to fleshy fruits which are ovoid in shape, black in colour when ripe and 1.5-2 cm in length.

Interesting Fact: The Portuguese ‘East Indian Company’ discovered Sri Lankan cinnamon in the early 16th century and went to war with King Vijayabahu the king of Sri Lanka to obtain a monopoly on the spice. The king was overthrown by his 3 sons; eventually the Portuguese installed their own ruler. By the 17th century, the king of Kandy in Sri Lanka grew tired of the treatment and demands of the Portuguese and asked the Dutch authorities for help. A big mistake, as soon as the Dutch had ousted the Portuguese; they took over the ports and finally the country and the valuable cinnamon supplies.

Ingredients: The dried bark of Cinnamomum zelanicum.

Allergy Advice: Cinnamon contains a naturally occurring source of salicylates and is best avoided by people eating a salicylate free diet.


Cinnamon can be added to both sweet and savoury dishes, sprinkle into bread, biscuit, cake and muffin recipes, it can be added to curry powder blends, stirred in to soups, stews and tagines, it works well with chicken, lamb and beef. Add to crumble toppings and the fillings of apple and pumpkin pies, sprinkle onto porridge, muesli, pancakes for a sweet spicy flavour. Whole pieces of cinnamon can be added to pilau rice, to scented sachets and pot pourri mixes and to mulled wine and cider blends.

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