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Fairtrade Organic Whole Cloves

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Product: Fairtrade Organic Whole Cloves

Latin Name: Eugenia carophyllata.

Plant Family: Myrtaceae

Other Names: Clavo, Girofle, Gewürznelken, Mykhet, Carenfil, Kryddnejilka, Garofano, Qaranful, Karamfil, Ding Xiang, Laung, Chiodo di Garofano, Clou de Girofle, Cravinho, Clavo de Olor, Nejlikor & Dinh Huong.

Description: Cloves are the produce of an aromatic, evergreen tree native to the Indonesia islands of Molucca and the southern Philippines, now cultivated in Tanzania and Madagascar. The tree grows to a height of 15 metres and has a pyramid shape to its branches. The leaves are opposite, ovate-lanceolate in shape and dark glossy green, almost leathery to the touch and are 8-13cm in length. The flowers present in terminal clusters of tubular and are pale creamy white in colour which gradually changes from green through to bright red, the clove flower bud is harvested before the flower opens, the buds are 1.5-2cm in length and are left to ripen in the sun.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that cloves are a key ingredient in a popular Indonesian cigarette brand known as Kretek? The word ‘kretek’ means ‘crackling’ which accurately describes the sound the pieces of cracked cloves make as they burn in the smoking mix. The cigarettes we first sold in the late 19th century and were originally sold to help ease asthma, they were conceived by Haji Jamahri, a man who lived in Kudus, in Indonesian. He believed that the Eugenol contained in the cloves could help ease chest complaints. The original kretek recipe contained resin from the rubber plant, nutmeg, cumin, clove and leaf tobacco and the mixture was wrapped in banana leaves.

Ingredients: Dried whole buds of Eugenia caryophyllus.

Allergy Advice: Cloves contains a naturally occurring source of salicylates and is best avoided by people eating a salicylate free diet.


Add to sweet bread, cakes especially rich fruit cakes and tea loves, muffins and dessert recipes such as apple pie, fruit crumble and stewed fruit. Cloves can also be used in savoury dishes; they complement the flavour of rich game, pork, gammon and poultry. Whole cloves can be used to make scented pomanders using lemons, oranges, limes and apples as a base, they can also be added to pot-pourri and be used to stud a ham or gammon prior to baking.

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