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Important Information

Must be infused in boiling water prior to consumption.


Product: Frankincense Resin

Latin Name: Boswellia carterii syn. Boswellia sacra, Boswellia undulato crenata.

Plant Family: Burseraceae

Other Names: Arbre à Encens, Boswellie, Franc Encens, Incenso, Incienso, Olibans, Olibanum, Olibano, Megaar, Lubon Meyeti, Salai Tree, Oleo-Gum-Resin, Weihrauchbaum, Oliban, Ru Xiang & Ru Xiang Shu.

Description: Frankincense resin comes from a shrubby deciduous tree native to Ethiopia and parts of Somalia, Oman and Yemen, which can have several trunks and grows between 2-8 metres in height. The bark of the tree is papery, thin and readily peels from the trunk. All parts of the tree are highly resinous, although resin doesn’t begin to appear until the tree is 8 years of age or older. The alternate and oddly-pinnate compound leaves are clustered at the end of the branches and are comprised of 9-15 leaflets which are serrated and pale green on the underside and darker green on the upper surface. The 5-petaled flowers are borne in axillary racemes that are 10cm in length and creamy white sometimes white to pinkish white in colour with yellow stamens.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that originally incense was composed of four ingredients, and that each ingredient was used to represent the elements earth, air, fire and water? Frankincense represented the element of fire. The ancient Egyptians used the resin to make incense to honour the Gods, they added it to their perfumes and used both the resin and oil in embalming rituals, the resin was found in the tomb of Kind Tutankhamen dating back to 1323 B.C. And in the temple of the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut dating back to 1458 B.C. a wall mural was discovered depicting sacks of frankincense being brought in to Egypt to be used in the mortuaries of Karnak.


Use the resin on its own as incense, it blends well with other herbs and resins and is often used as a base resin in blends. The resin can be turned into tincture or powdered to add to lotions, creams, balms and soaps for the skin, it partners well with oil of roses and helps minor wounds to heal.

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