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Garlic Powder - Catering Tub

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Product: Garlic Powder

Latin Name: Allium sativum

Plant Family: Amaryllidaceae

Other Names: Ail, Ajo, Camphor of the Poor, Clove Garlic, Da Suan, Lasun, Lasuna, Nectar of the Gods, Poor Man's Treacle, Rason, Rust Treacle & Stinking Rose.

Description: This product is part of our new catering range and is supplied in a 100% recyclable 1L Gripper tub. Our gripper tubs ensure excellent usability, helping improve efficiency in a catering environment. They are highly durable and designed to ensure the product maintains its quality and freshness.

Our cases of 6 come in a 100% recyclable tear top box. This means they are perfect to go straight on the shelves for re-sale.

Garlic is a bulbous herbaceous, annual, herb, native to central Asia, which can now be found growing in most temperate regions of the world. It can grow to a height of 30-70cm, the leaves form a soft pseudo stem made up of overlapping alternate leaf sheaths, which are long, thin, flat and lanceolate in shape and pale to mid-green in colour. The inflorescences form single globes of many individual flowers that are white to pinkish-purple in colour. The compound bulb is made up of 4-20 crescent shaped pieces known as ‘cloves’, and each clove weighs about 1g.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that only peasants ate garlic in ancient Greece and Rome? The odour eating the spice left after consumption was not relished by the well to do Greek and Roman citizens, the lower classes heartily consumed garlic and it became an emblem of the working classes. In the 12th century Hildegard von Bingen wrote of garlic ‘it ought to be eaten raw because when it is cooked, it is sour, like spoiled wine’, von Bingen judged garlic to be more suitable for consumption for sick people than leeks.

Ingredients: Dried powdered cloves of organic Allium sativum.


In the kitchen garlic powder goes with just about every savoury food you can cook, add to breads, soups, sauces, stews, sprinkle into pasta and on to pizza, add to butter and herbs to make your own garlic bread. Garlic powder can be added to garden sprays to help deter aphids and other sap sucking pests. It can also be added to lotions, creams and foot powders where antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties are required.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of two years provided that goods are stored in an airtight container in ambient conditions.

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Allergen Statement

This product is grown in an area where Peanuts are commonly cultivated either nearby or inter-cropped. Additionally, the supply chain uses several hauliers which carry the beforementioned product(s) on the trucks used to carry this product. JustIngredients Limited uses suppliers that are aware of allergen contamination and these suppliers do all they can to limit exposure to allergens. However, JustIngredients Limited cannot guarantee that this product is free from any traces of Peanuts. If there is any doubt about the suitability of this product for the intended use, please seek further advice. Please see also the “Use in production” clause in our product specification, above.

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