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Liquorice Root cut

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Product: Liquorice Root, Cut

Description: Our cut liquorice root has a sweet and slightly salty flavour and is reminiscent of aniseed and fennel in taste. Liquorice is a woody, herbaceous perennial herb native to Southern Europe and Asia which grows to a height of up to 2 metres. The leaves are with alternate, oddly, pinnate leaves, 7–15cm in length, comprised of 9–17 leaflets, deep green in colour when mature and bright green tinged with red when young. The inflorescences form panicles of individual flowers 0.8–1.2 cm in length and can be either creamy white, mauve, dark purple to pale whitish blue in colour.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that since 1995 the town of Pontefract has been celebrating their liquorice heritage by holding the ‘Pontefract Liquorice Festival’ which is run by Wakefield Council? At the festival you can catch the aroma of warm liquorice emanating from the town's sweet factories, whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the town and castle, sampling fresh locally produced liquorice delights including beer and bread!

Ingredients: Dried and cut roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra.

Allergy Advice: Liquorice root contains a naturally occurring source of salicylates and is best avoided by people eating a salicylate free diet.


Make syrup from the root and use to flavour ice cream, sorbets and sauces for fruit. Liquorice has a naturally sweet; it contains glycyrrhizin, a natural chemical that is 50 times sweeter than sugar. Add liquorice root to teas or infusions; try adding it to peppermint or spearmint for a pleasant digestive tea for after meal times. The root can also be added to stocks for beef casseroles and stews and to home brew beers to add an interesting flavour.

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