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Long Peppers

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Product: Long Peppers

Latin Name: Piperita longnum

Other Names: Indian Long Pepper, Bengal Pepper, Jaborandi Pepper, Poivre Long, Langer Pfeffer, Cheung Jiu, Langwerpige Peper, Pipari, Pipal, Pepe Lungo, Chanchala, Långpeppar & Phrik-Hang.

Description: Long peppers are the fruits of an aromatic, perennial climbing plant native to India and South Asia and now found cultivated in Indonesia and Thailand which grows up to 1 metre in height. The leaves are alternate, ovately-cordate (heart shaped), 2-7cm in length and mid to dark green in colour with lighter vertical veins. The female inflorescence which provides the fruit is a cylindrical, spike, consisting of numerous greenish-white flowers, 2.5cm in length and 4-5mm in diameter. The fruits are small, ovoid berries, shiny blackish green, embedded in fleshy spikes, which dry to hard long fruits which are dark brown in colour.

Brief History: Did you know in medieval Europe people were using long pepper to flavour their food, long before black pepper was available? During this time it was known as ‘longe peper’ and was an ingredient in a spiced wine drink that became popular in the 14th century known as ‘Hippocras’ which alongside long pepper contained cinnamon, ginger, spikenard, sweet galingale, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, and grains of paradise.

Ingredients: Dried fruits of Piperita longnum.


Long pepper has a more complex flavour than black pepper, it’s more like a blend of flavours than one single spice; the peppers can be added to pepper grinders and used as a condiment when a more rounded, sweet spiciness is desired, grind on to vegetables prior to serving and add to soups, stews, marinades, rice, grains and curries. Use as you would black pepper in sweet recipes such as biscuits and cake; you can also use them to spice up fruit syrups, cordials, chutneys and pickles.

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