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Orange Peel - coarse cut

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Product: Orange Peel- course cut: 6mm

Latin Name: Citrus × sinensis

Plant Family: Rutaceae

Other Names: Sweet Orange, China Orange, Cáscara de Naranja, Orange Douce, Sinaasappelschil, Orangenschale, Kulit Jeruk & Zeste d’Orange.

Description: Oranges come from an evergreen tree, reputedly native to Southeastern Asia or Indo-China; the trees grow to a height of 6-15 metres. The leaves are elliptical to oval leaves in shape, alternate, dark glossy green in colour and 4-10cm in length. The 5-petalled flowers grow singly or in clustered racemes, they are white in colour, thick and waxy with yellow stamens. The fruits are spherical and are green when unripe, ripening to orange, the skin is tightly dimpled, waxy and 7-12cm in diameter. Particle Size: 6mm

Brief History: Pomanders became popular in the 13th century when the first cases of plague arrived in Europe; the pomanders at the time were carried by the rich and were made from metals usually gold or silver. The word ‘pomander’ comes from the French ‘pomme d’ambre’, which translates to ‘apple of amber’. Pomanders quickly become a popular item to carry filled with herbs and spices to help eradicate smells and keep away disease. The Tudor and Elizabethans liked to carry them around, as oranges became more widely available and more affordable than gold and silver; oranges were studded with cloves and dusted with other spices to perform the same function. These also became known as pomanders.


You can add dried orange peel as a kindling to start BBQ’s, the fragrance from the fruit peel will lend its fragrance to meat and fish. Add to dry pot pourri blends and to simmering pot pourri, they can also be added to bath teas and a decoction of the peels can be added to lotions, creams and shampoos. An infusion of the herb can be used to wash floors and surfaces. Dried orange peel can also be added to a sugar, pepper or salt grinder to make freshly ground orange sugar/salt/pepper.

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