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Organic Onions - Kibbled

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Product: Organic Onions, Kibbled

Latin Name: Allium cepa

Plant Family: Alliaceae

Other Names: Cebolla, Échalote, Green Onion, Oignon, Oignon Vert, Palandu, Piyaj & Shallot.

Description: Our Organic Kibbled Onion is chopped to 3-10mm to help you add flavour and texture to a wealth of savoury dishes and cuisines. Kibbled Onions have a sharp, strong flavour slightly caramel-like flavour, a tantalising aroma and should be used sparingly: using this essential store cupboard ingredient also means no more watery, crying eyes when preparing meals as these kibbled onions require no chopping and peeling! The onion is an herbaceous biennial plant native to south-western Asia, now grown throughout the temperate zones of the world. The leaves are tubular, hollow and waxy and bluish-green in colour, they grow in a fan shape from the base of the bulb and can be up to 45cm in length. The floral stalk is rigid, hollow and waxy and grows from the centre of the bulb and can be up to 1 metre in height, with a globe or spherical like inflorescence comprised of tiny hermaphrodite flowers which are white in colour.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the onion is actually a biennial plant? Although it’s most commonly treated as an annual plant and harvested at the end of its first growing season. The plant is in fact a bulb, if left for more than its annual cycle; the onion bulb will produce globes of onion scented flowers which are also edible. Other members of this family include the tulip, hyacinth, and lily-of-the-valley and edible plants such as the wild garlic, leek, garlic, and chives.

Ingredients: Dried kibbled bulbs of organic Allium cepa.


Kibbled onions can be used in any recipe which calls for fresh onions when you do not have access to fresh, the flavour is a little different to fresh, more caramelised but delicious! Try them in onion soup, chutneys, pickles, relishes and sauces, sprinkle in stews and casseroles and add to homemade bread dough prior to baking to make delicious onion bread. Add to curries and sauces, kibbled onion also makes a scrumptious addition to burgers, sausages and meat dishes and with breadcrumbs, sage and a few other basic ingredients they make a tasty and quick sage and onion stuffing!

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