Psyllium Husk Powder

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Product: Psyllium Husk Powder

Latin Name: Plantago ovate syn. Plantago decumbens, Plantago ispaghula.

Plant Family: Plantaginaceae

Other Names: Desert Indianwheat, Blond Psyllium, Blond Plantago, Che Qian Zi, Indian Plantago, Ipágula, Isabgola, Isabgul, Ispagol, Pale Psyllium, Psilio, White Psyllium, Sand Plantain & Spogel.

Description: Psyllium is an annual herb native to Europe, Asia and North America, two other species of Plantago are also sold as Psyllium these are P. psyillium and P. indica. P. ovate grows to a height of 30–46cm. The leaves are opposite, lance like and approximately 19cm in length. The hermaphrodite pale green flowers are obovate on terminal flower spikes. The individual inflorescences have 4 round-ovate lobes and 4 creamy-white stamens. Psyllium husk is the fibrous outer coating of psyllium seeds which contains soluble and insoluble natural fibres.

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The powdered husk can be used as a starch for starching linen type fabrics. It can also be added to breakfast cereals, breads, biscuits and cereal bars to add fibre. No other non-medicinal uses are known for this herb.

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