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Red Rose Petals

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Product: Red Rose Petals - Not recomended for food Use.

Latin Name: Rose Centifolian

Plant Family: Rosacea

Other Names: Begal Rose, China Rose, Chinese Tea Rose, Edward Rose, Fairy Rose, Monthly Rose, Yue Ji Hua, Chini Gulaab, Kat Gulaab, Rosier de Chine & Rose di Cina.

Description: Our red rose petals come from the Rosa chinensis, a climbing, deciduous rose which comes from a genus of the rose that is native to Southwest China in Guizhou, Hubei, and Sichuan Provinces which reaches a height of 1-8 metres. The leaves are alternate, pinnate with 3-5 lanceolate leaflets on each leaf, each leaflet measuring 2.5-6cm in length and dark green in colour and glossy above and paler green with tiny barbed teeth on the veining of the underside, the edge of the leaves are serrated. The 5-petaled flowers are deep pink to red in colour and fragrant, 6-8cm in diameter with 5 yellowy sepals. The hips are round and green, ripening to orangey-yellow, with usually only 2 or 3 large seeds per hip.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the China Rose is the ancestor of many of the cultivated garden roses grown today, such as the floribunda’s and hybrid tea roses? The rose was named Rosa chinensis by the Dutch botanist Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin in 1768 when he witnessed and illustrated the rose for the first time.


Dried rose petals can be added to pot pourri, sleep pillows and scented sachets; they can also be added to herbal tisanes and infusions. Petals can be used as natural confetti at weddings, with the addition that they are associated with love and luck; you’d be showering the newlyweds with more than just petals. A decoction of the petals can be added to lotions and creams for the skin, and shampoos for the hair. Add to bath tea blends, soaps, face masks, foot powders and bath salts and use to decorate soaps and home made cosmetics.

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