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Rosehip Powder

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Product: Rosehip Powder

Latin Name: Rosa canina

Plant Family: Rosacea

Other Names: Dog Rose, Brier Rose, Brier Bush, Dog Berry, Hep Tree, Hip Fruit, Hop Fruit, Hogseed, Sweet Brier, Wild Brier, Witches Brier, Rosier Sauvage, Rosier des Haies, Rose de Chien & Swine Rose.

Description: The dog rose is a climbing deciduous shrub native to the Middle East, which can also be found growing in many temperate regions of the world. It reaches a height of 2-3 metres; the stems are covered in hooked thorns, which the plant uses to climb. The leaves are oddly pinnate, dark to glaucous green in colour and comprised of 5-7 ovate leaflets with serrated edges, each leaflet being 10-40mm in length. The 5-petaled flowers are pale pink to white in colour and 4-6cm in diameter. The flowers are replaced in the autumn with oval shaped, red-orange fruits referred to as hips which are 1-2cm in length.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that some veterinary herbalists give rosehip powder to older dogs as a dietary supplement to help boost their energy levels and help aching joints? The powder contains chemical compounds that can help maintain a healthy immune system and can have anti-rheumatic properties.


A decoction of rosehip powder can be added to lotions, creams, soaps and salves for the skin, these products are good for using on greasy skin and irritated skin. The powder can also be added to tisanes, wine, cordials and syrups. The powder can also be added to facial washes to act as a gentle exfoliate.

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