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Senna Leaves

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Product: Senna Leaves

Latin Name: Cassia senna syn. Senna alexandrina.

Plant Family: Fabaceae

Other Names: East Indian Senna, Alexandrian Senna, Nubian Senna, Cassia Senna, Egyptian Senna, Sene de la Palthe, Séné Moka, Sonamukhi, Cassia Séné, Sennencassie & Cassia d'Egitto

Description: Senna is a small perennial shrub native to Egypt, tropical Africa and now cultivated in India. It reaches a height of 0.5-2 metres and has branched, pale-green erect stems and long spreading branches bearing bi-pinnate leaves which consist of 5-8 leaflets, ovately lanceolate and light green in colour and 2.5cm in length. The bright yellow pea like flowers present in upright racemes of waxy inflorescences.

Brief History: The Greek physician Serapion used senna in the 3rd century B.C. and the Syrian physician Mesue the Elder who preferred to use the pods rather than the leaves for its laxative properties in the 9th century. As senna’s fame grew, farmers started to grow it in India and by 1640 it was grown in England in hot beds, but the seed pods didn’t ripen as well as was required in the English climate.


No non-medicinal uses are known.

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