Shiitake Mushrooms

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Product: Shiitake Mushrooms

Latin Name: Lentinula edodes

Plant Family: Marasmiaceae

Other Names: Japanese Mushroom, Black Forest Mushroom, Golden Oak Mushroom, Oakwood Mushroom, Sawtooth Oak Mushroom, Champignon Noir, Champignon Shiitake, Champignons Shiitake, Hongos Shiitake, Hua Gu, Xiang Fu, Shiang-Gu, Lentin du Chêne, Pasania Fungus & Shitake.

Description: Our Shiitake Mushrooms are sliced and dried for your convenience, drying the shiitake mushroom intensifies the flavour making it ‘meatier’ and ‘earthier’. The Shiitake mushrooms are an hardy perennial member of the fungi family native to Japan, China and Korea which have a brown, slightly convex cap that range in diameter from 2.5-10cm in diameter, the stalks also known as ‘stipes’ are tough and not generally consumed due to this fact.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the name for these mushrooms ‘shiitake’ comes from two Japanese words? ‘Shii’ means ‘Pasania’ which refers to a member of the Pasania species of trees known as the ‘Shii-Tree’ (Castaneopsis pasania) that the Shiitake Mushroom prefers to grow on and ‘Take’ means ‘fungus’. So shiitake simply translates as ‘Pasania Fungus’. The mushroom also gets called the ‘Black Forest mushroom’ in Europe, due to the fact that can be found growing naturally in the German mountains.

Ingredients: Dried pieces of Lentinula edodes.


Add to stir fries, soups, stocks, and stews, sprinkle on steamed poultry and fish dishes, and add to fillings for Chinese dim sum, use to make Chinese chicken and mushroom soup, or a mushroom risotto. Before using your dried shiitake mushrooms in a recipe, it's best to rehydrate them in hot water, for around 8 hours or overnight if possible, make sure that the whole dry mushroom gets wet. You can add the soaking liquid to your dish or save it to use in stocks, soups and broths.

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Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy (KJ) 1498
Energy (kcal) 356
Total Fat (g) 1.22
Carbohydrates (g) 68.4
Fibre (g) 10.89
Protein (g) 8.67
Salt (g) 0.013

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