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Wasabi (blend) Powder

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Product: Wasabi (Blend) Powder

Description: Our Wasabi Blend Powder is a hot and pungent means of adding flavour to your dishes and is a blend of horseradish, mustard and wasabi powders which is designed to offer a more cost effective way of adding that punch synonymous with Wasabi to your meals. The Japanese use it as a condiment in the way that we use horseradish, and it's one of the main flavourings in many Japanese foods, and is served most commonly as an accompaniment to sashimi or sushi, it is even used to flavour some varieties of sweets and ice cream. In heat and flavour wasabi is not as harsh as horseradish, but it is still rather pungent, so use sparingly.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that wasabi is a member of the same plant family that cabbages and brussel sprouts belong to? Plants in the mustard family also belong to the brassicas which explains why wasabi has more pungent mustard like heat than that of a fiery, spicy chilli. Wasabi is rich in sulphur compounds found also in mustard and horseradish. Try mixing your wasabi powder with milk or cream to tone down the heat that mixing with water gives.

Ingredients: A blend Horseradish Powder, Mustard Powder and Wasabi Powder.

Allergy Advice: This product contains the allergen mustard and should be avoided by people with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to mustard or its constituents.


Mix with a small amount of water to create a paste for sushi or why not try adding a little of the powder to your steak before frying. Add a little of the powder to mayonnaise or yogurt to form a dipping sauce to serve with chicken and fish, or use to make a wasabi version of horseradish sauce to serve with beef. You can also stir wasabi powder into mashed potatoes and pea purees, and sprinkle on vegetables.

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