Wormwood Tincture

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Product: Wormwood Tincture

Latin Name: Artemisia absinthium syn. Absinthium officinale.

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Other Names: Common Wormwood, Absinth, Absinthe, Absinthe Suisse, Absinthii Herba, Absinthites, Absinthium, Ajenjo, Alvine, Armoise Absinthe, Armoise Commune, Grande Absinthe, Herba Artemisae, Herbe aux Vers, Herbe d'Absinthe, Herbe Sainte, Indhana, Lapsent, Menu Alvine, Qing Hao, Vilayati Afsanteen, Wermut, Wermutkraut, Western Wormwood & Wurmkraut.

Description: Our Wormwood tincture is an infused alcoholic solution; at a ratio of 1:3 (45% alcohol). Wormwood is an herbaceous perennial herb native to Europe now found growing in central Asia and parts of the USA that grows to a height of 1 metre. It has erect, branching stems which are silver green in colour and have a fine downy coating. The leaves are deeply lobed with 3-5 divisions of feathery leaflets, entire leaf is 5-12cm in length, greyish-green on the upper side and paler almost silvery-green on the underside, with the same downy coating as the stems. The inflorescences grow from the leaf nodes; they are tubular and form clusters of branched panicles of yellowish-green flowers.

Brief History: One of the first historical references to the medicinal uses of wormwood was believed to be an entry by Shen Nung, the founder of Chinese herbal medicine in his book ‘Shénnóng Běn Cǎo Jīng’ or Divine Husbandman's Materia Medica, around 2800 B.C., he believed that wormwood could cure malaria. Hippocrates circa 400 B.C. prescribed the herbs use for treating jaundice, women’s monthly pains and rheumatism. The Ancient Egyptians used wormwood as a vermifuge and to ease coughs and fevers. During the middle ages and well into the Tudor period, wormwood was employed as a means of deterring flying pests such as moths and vermin from entering the home, as a fumigant and as a strewing herb.


The tincture can be added to poultices to help speed up the healing time of bruises. Add to lotions, creams, balms and salves to apply to insect bites, strained muscles and bruises. No other non-medicinal uses are known for the tincture of this herb.

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