Yarrow Herb

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Important Information

Must be infused in boiling water prior to consumption.


Product: Yarrow Herb

Latin Name: Achillea millefolium

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Other Names: Common Yarrow, Bloodwort, Nosebleed, Old Man's Pepper, Devil's Nettle, Sanguinary, Milfoil, Soldier's Woundwort, Thousand-Leaf, Erba da Cartentieri, Erba da Falegname, Gandana, Gemeine Schafgarbe, Green Arrow, Herbe aux Charpentiers, Herbe Militaire, Katzenkrat, Milefolio, Milenrama, Millefeuille, Millegoglie, Sourcil de Vénus, Staunchweed & Tausendaugbram.

Description: Yarrow is an herbaceous perennial herb native to Europe and Western Asia that grows up to 1 metre in height. The leaves are alternate and grow up the entire length of the stem, they are larger at the base, they are mid-green in colour, bi-pinnate sometimes tri-pinnate and fernlike and 2.5-25cm in length. The inflorescence is comprised of clusters of branching 5-petaled creamy white flowers which are 3-10cm in diameter.

Brief History: The 17th century herbalist John Parkinson wrote in his book ‘Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris’ that yarrow was good ‘for ague, drink a decoction of the herb warm before the fit, and so for two or three fits together’. Nicholas Culpeper also in the 17th century said of yarrow ‘A decoction of it boiled with white wine, is good to stop the running of the reins in men, and whites in women; restrains violent bleedings, and is excellent for the piles. A strong tea in this case should be made of the leaves, and drank plentifully; and equal parts of it, and of toad flax, should be made into a poultice with pomatum, and applied outwardly. This induces sleep, eases the pain, and lessens the bleeding.’

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